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Greenwashing is rife, making it difficult for consumers to judge companies accurately, says Marco Magrini
After 20 years, only 20 carbon capture and storage facilities are operating commercially. It’s time for a better plan, says Marco Magrini 
The results of the G7 were disappointing; world leaders need to show more ambition, says Marco Magrini
Big Oil is facing more pushback than ever before, but prolific misinformation still threatens climate goals, says Marco Magrini 
If governments and large energy companies fulfil their promises, we can decarbonise by 2050 Marco Magrini
We’re running out of time to tackle climate change, but there are some hopeful signs that politicians will take action, says Marco Magrini 
The end of overpopulation? With scientific evidence suggesting that fertility is being affected by pollution, Marco Magrini notes that overpopulation isn’t the problem it once was
Jyoti Fernandes is an agroecological farmer based in Dorset and coordinates the policy, lobbying and campaigning work of the Landworkers Alliance, a British small-farmers union
Marco Magrini shares his views on the government's new White Paper on Energy
Joe Biden’s entry into the White House is good news for the Earth’s biosphere says Marco Magrini
Our climate analyst Marco Magrini thinks richer nations should compensate poorer ones for the impacts of climate change to avoid deepening inequalities. Tackling the damages of Covid-19 will place more pressure on them to do so, he says
Science and technology are making incremental steps to a cleaner world, but Marco Magrini is hoping for something much bigger 
An uncertain future makes predicting it big business says Marco Magrini
The only way forward is to reject coal, says Marco Magrini; the idea of clean coal is a dangerous myth
A proposed development at Toondah Harbour, in the Moreton Bay area of Queensland, would devastate crucial feeding and roosting habitat for birds, argues Melody Kemp
Richard Scrase is the founder of Zero Carbon Productions, a media organisation that makes films explaining routes to zero carbon. He is involved with a project to plant seagrass in UK waters
Many of the crises we are currently experiencing trace their routes back to climate change says Marco Magrini
The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly shocked energy markets, but it’s only the start of the revolution we need, says Marco Magrini

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