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The ‘tapioca-like blobs’ of amphibian eggs, the product of millions of years of evolution

Review: Infinite Life by Jules Howard

ByKatie BurtonJul 8, 2024
From simple blob to spaceship, Jules Howard explores how the egg cracked open the secrets of evolution
Mammoths are just one of the many extinct megafauna which helped form our landscapes

Review: Nature’s Ghosts by Sophie Yeo

ByBryony CottamMay 28, 2024
Sophie Yeo explores species extinction and environmental loss, highlighting the urgent need for conservation
The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry

Review: Battle for the Museum by Rachel Spence

ByMark RoweMay 4, 2024
Delve into the dark side of museum operations as Rachel Spence uncovers the unsettling truth behind artwashing and misdeeds
Derwent village and ladybower resevoir

Review: Time and Tide by Fiona Stafford

ByKatie BurtonApr 15, 2024
Fiona Stafford explores the history of British landscape and the human impact of recent changes
Photographs, candles and messages in Valletta, demanding justice for the murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

Review: A Sunny Place For Shady People by Ryan Murdock

Travel writer and RGS fellow Ryan Murdock delivers a depressing but thought-provoking on one of the most corrupt places in the world
The ring-necked parakeet is the only naturalised parrot n the UK, and is regarded as one of the 100 most invasive species in Europe

Review: Cull of the Wild by Hugh Warwick

ByMark RoweMar 23, 2024
An engaging, occasionally philosophical read on invasive species, inspired by one man and his devotion to studying hedgehogs
Alastair Humphreys writer's reads local

Writer’s reads: Alastair Humphreys

ByGeographical StaffFeb 26, 2024
Adventure and author Alastair Humphreys, selects from his library some of his favourite and formative reads. His new book Local is out now
An unknown patch of land, teeming with stories and the local book cover by alastair humphries

Review: Local – a search for nearby nature and wildness

ByKatie BurtonFeb 20, 2024
Alastair Humphreys finds wonder in the area he calls home and explains we all have a local area worth exploring
man holding coffee beans

Review: Most Delicious Poison by Noah Whiteman

ByBryony CottamFeb 10, 2024

Image: Shutterstock Noah Whiteman shines light on the poisons found in every day items and the link between poison and…

By-the-wind sailors are tiny colonies of polyps that travel by catching the wind in their sail-like appendage

Review: Moving Mountains by Louise Kenward

Louise Kenward draws together the stories of people with disabilities and their love for nature in vital and timely read
Review: Unfinished Woman by Robyn Davidson

Review: Unfinished Woman by Robyn Davidson

Writer Robyn Davidson explores her past, her family, time and memory in insightful and compelling fashion
Jay Owens

Writer’s reads: Jay Owens

ByGeographical StaffDec 23, 2023
Writer and researcher Jay Owens selects from her library some of her favourite and formative reads. Jay's latest book, Dust, is out now
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