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Walking in the footsteps of jaguars, Jacob Dykes meets the conservationists determined to maintain the connectivity of the largest forest block in Mesoamerica
The UK relies heavily on forest biomass to boost its renewable energy production, but ‘renewable’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘green’
The world’s largest single organism is unprepared for the changes humans have wrought upon its ecosystem
A new initiative to save mangrove forests in the Dominican Republic aims to protect coastal regions and sequester carbon
Archaeological work around Lake Malawi suggests that humans manipulated the environment with fire many thousands of years ago 
Can international pressure stop Bolsonaro’s trampling of the Amazon?
A study in Northern Minnesota is experimentally heating the air and soils of forest enclosures to show how our warming climate will drastically change the composition, distribution and function of boreal and temperate forests 
The impacts of deforestation are wide ranging. But while some are well-known, a link with malaria is only just coming to light. Could appetites for deforestation-implicated products, such as coffee and timber, be driving malaria risk in vulnerable countries? 
To protect the forests that act as natural carbon reservoirs, researchers need to better understand how individual tree species respond to climate change
Recent research finds that climate change-induced drought is having a noticeable effect on the mortality rates of forests, even more so than recent bush fires
The impact of wildfires on water supplies has received little attention. But with wildfires around the world getting worse, it might be time to pay more attention to how we deal with them
The world’s second largest tropical forest receives significantly less funding than its counterparts in other countries
The lead author of a scientific study, which claimed that planting trees has mind-blowing potential to tackle the climate crisis, reflects on the mixed response to the report
The first payment under the Redd+ scheme to conserve tropical forests has been approved, but issues with the data supplied by participating countries could undermine its potential
Several factors are contributing to extreme deforestation in Haiti, with the poor economic state of the country primary among them
High-quality, affordable drones can revolutionise the way that landscape and vegetation data is collected. This short study shows how the impact of ash die-back disease can be assessed quickly in a small plot of woodland

Essential oil?

Palm oil is omnipresent in global consumption. But in many circles it is considered the scourge of the natural world, for the deforestation and habitat destruction which follows its production. Does this ubiquitous crop deserve to be treated with such disdain?
The European Court of Justice finds the logging of a primeval forest illegal, raising questions about future forest management

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