March 24

The Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple on the outskirts of Dali Old Town

Finding a Shangri-la in modern China

Alec Ash on why he, and many others, are opting out of the rat race of modern China to find a Shangri-la in a rural backwater
Food production generates the equivalent of 31 per cent of all greenhouse gases

Food for thought: feeding the world accounts for a third of human-made carbon emissions

ByMarco MagriniMar 18, 2024
For Marco Magrini the agricultural transition is as important and urgent as the energy transition
A pair of Andean condors soars high over the mountains

Saving Ecuador’s threatened condors

Mark Stratton visits a long-term project to safeguard the world’s largest bird of prey, the Andean condor
concept art showing africa population

What does rapid population growth mean for the world’s poorest continent?

ByMark RoweMar 14, 2024
Mark Rowe reports on one the most significant demographic shifts facing the world
The Nepalese dispute China’s assertion that Pokhara Airport forms part of the BRI

Geopolitics, not economic development, drives China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Andrew Ross on why a decade on from its inception, the BRI is failing the countries that could have benefited from it most
Riding a tandem bike through the Canadian Rockies Passport

Holly Tuppen: How to travel responsibly

ByBryony CottamMar 12, 2024
Sustainable-travel expert Holly Tuppen shares with Bryony Cottam her tips on how to travel responsibly
A lighthouse on a cliff overlooking a bay at sunset where in the world

Where in the world do sheep outnumber people four to one?

ByGeographical StaffMar 11, 2024
Can you solve our quick quiz for March and identify this country using the following clues?
Marauiá mountain range. Yanomami Indigenous Territory, state of Amazonas, Brazil, 2018

Sebastião Salgado talks about ‘the light inside’

Graeme Green interviews Sebastião Salgado who explains how his passion for the natural world rekindled his love for his art
man using binoculars looking up watching for birds

Equipment matters: The joys of birdwatching

Birdwatching adds an extra layer of enjoyment to almost any outdoor pursuit – especially if you use a phone app
Protest march in London over modern slavery

Victims of modern slavery are being held in UK prisons

ByGeographical StaffMar 4, 2024
The growing problem of modern slavery victims in UK prisons. Charities fear victims are being locked up
Two soldiers stand infront of russian and ukrainian flag concept art

Geopolitics: Russia’s elections, where there is no doubt who the winner will be

ByTim MarshallMar 1, 2024

Shutterstock Within Russia, ethnic minorities are disproportionately suffering the consequences of the war in Ukraine. But Tim Marshall reports this…

Looking down on the abandoned mines in the Ystwyth Valley

Ceredigion: the geographical centre of Wales

ByRory WalshFeb 27, 2024
Rory Walsh visits Ceredigion, the central point of Wales, and home to it's hidden treasures
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