September 23

Helen Scales: An ocean of opportunity

Helen Scales: An ocean of opportunity

ByBryony CottamSep 21, 2023
Helen Scales on her latest book, Around the Ocean in 80 Fish & Other Sea Life, the blue economy and our complex relationship with the sea
Else Bostelmann’s illustration of a black swallower fish

Review: The Bathysphere Book by Brad Fox

Brad Fox documents the first deep sea explorations and explores how nature works in this deep and intoxicating book featuring some fantastic illustrations
Rupert Grey

Writer’s reads: Rupert Grey

ByGeographical StaffSep 16, 2023
Libel layer turned photographer, Rupert Grey, selects from his library some of his favourite and formative reads. Ruperts latest book, Homage to Bangladesh, is out now
A river running through a leafy green rocky canyon

Where in the world is home to 18 World Heritage sites?

ByGeo QuizmasterSep 14, 2023
Can you solve our quick quiz for September and identify this country using the following clues?
An Atlantic salmon leaps upstream on its way to its spawning grounds

A new lease of life for the River Trent

An ambitious scheme is bringing life back to the heavily industrialised River Trent
Boats crowd the waters around the Sadarghat or city wharf in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Review: Homage to Bangladesh by Rupert Grey

Rupert Grey reveals more of Bangladesh and it's secrets in his stunning images than a wordier book could
Time to rethink our view of tropical islands

Time to rethink our view of tropical islands

ByBryony CottamSep 11, 2023
Professor of island studies Jonathan Pugh talks the west's changing perception on remote tropical islands and shares his top travel tips
The radar mast dominates the Lincolnshire flatlands

Lincolnshire’s silent sentry near RAF Stenigot

ByRory WalshSep 11, 2023
Rory Walsh visits a Lincolnshire landmark that shaped the sky and once provided radar for RAF Stenigot
Amir Timur or Tamerlane monument in Samarkand city, Uzbekistan

Review: Empires of the Steppes by Kenneth W. Harl

Kenneth W. Harl explores the fascinating history and legacy of the nomadic tribes of Central Asia, illuminating specific figures like Tamerlane
Sharyn and Tom Wotton (aka Swampy Tom), Wandella, New South Wales, Australia, January 2020 (from the series Portraits in Ashes)

Gideon Mendel: Portraits of devastation

ByGeographical StaffSep 8, 2023
South African born 'struggle photographer' Gideon Mendel hauntingly captures the aftermath of fires and floods around the world
A map showing heatwaves across europe and north africa in summer 2023

2023 Europe heatwave showed off the charts climate anomalies

ByMarco MagriniSep 7, 2023
Marco Magrini warns that we shouldn’t assume that dramatic change can’t suddenly happen
An ice-coring field camp on the Greenland ice sheet, ten kilometres from Summit Station

Science at the Summit – the research centre high on Greenland’s ice sheet

On Greenland ice sheet scientists and support staff carry out cutting-edge research into everything from climate change to particle physics
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