June 24

A McConks stand up paddle board on the shores of a lake

The essentials of paddleboarding

Stand-up paddleboarding is far easier than conventional surfing, yet offers many of the same thrills
The USA’s Antarctic base camp

How to survive and thrive in gruelling expeditions

ByBryony CottamJun 15, 2024
Emergency medic Ryan Ahlgren, talking to Bryony Cottam, shares his tips for surviving gruelling expeditions
A poignant drawing by a child at a nursery situated in Varanasi’s red light district

The dark side to India’s City of Light: people trafficking in Varanasi

ByStuart ButlerJun 7, 2024
A charity trying to help those often kidnapped young women forced into prostitution in India's holiest city
Concept art of spaceman playing basketball with earth

Does comparing tackling climate change to the space race make any sense?

Andrew Brooks on why comparisons between the space race and the global environmental crisis are both misleading and counter-productive
Where in the world June 2024

Where in the world is bordered by six countries?

ByGeographical StaffJun 4, 2024
Can you solve our quick quiz for June and identify this country using the following clues?
An antimicrobial resistance susceptibility test

The looming crisis of antimicrobial resistance

ByBryony CottamMay 31, 2024
The booming use of antibiotics and other antimicrobial agents in farming is giving rise to resistant bacteria
Nenquimo at home in the forest that she loves

Nemonte Nenquimo: ‘I’m fighting for the land I love’

Nenquimo at home in the forest that she loves. Image: Amazon Frontlines Indigenous leader and environmental activist Nemonte Nenquimo successfully…

Mammoths are just one of the many extinct megafauna which helped form our landscapes

Review: Nature’s Ghosts by Sophie Yeo

ByBryony CottamMay 28, 2024
Sophie Yeo explores species extinction and environmental loss, highlighting the urgent need for conservation
A humpback whale feeding, South Shetland Islands

How Antarctica could be a template for how we treat the natural world

Academic and conservationist Paul Jepson joins the growing number of tourists visiting Antarctica and proposes a radical manifesto for its future
June 2024 Geographical crossword

June 2024 Geographical crossword

ByGeographical StaffMay 23, 2024
The first correct crossword selected at random wins a copy of The Royal Geographical Society’s Altas of the World, worth £75
Geographical June 2024

Geographical June 2024

ByGeographical StaffMay 17, 2024
Geographical's June 2024 issue covers Antarctic tourism, mountaineering, human trafficking in Varanasi, and Amazon activism