February 24

Conceptual art of painting a factory green

Does carbon offsetting really work and can we rely on it?

ByKatie BurtonFeb 29, 2024
Carbon offsetting allows companies to claim ‘net zero’ emissions, but this unregulated practice is marred by scandal
Alastair Humphreys writer's reads local

Writer’s reads: Alastair Humphreys

ByGeographical StaffFeb 26, 2024
Adventure and author Alastair Humphreys, selects from his library some of his favourite and formative reads. His new book Local is out now
A child being moved to a shelter before Cyclone Mocha hit Bangladesh

The nations successfully protecting themselves against disasters

ByBryony CottamFeb 23, 2024
With burgeoning populations facing ever more extreme weather patterns, mitigating the impact of natural hazards has never been more important
African lions, Graeme Green Naboisho Conservancy, Kenya

Game changer: The animals we most like to photograph

ByGeographical StaffFeb 21, 2024
The New Big 5 is a global photography project celebrating the animals we hold most dear
Eye of the sahara

Phenomena: The Eye of the Sahara

ByGrace GourlayFeb 21, 2024
A geological marvel in the middle of the Sahara desert caused by erosion you can see from space
An unknown patch of land, teeming with stories and the local book cover by alastair humphries

Review: Local – a search for nearby nature and wildness

ByKatie BurtonFeb 20, 2024
Alastair Humphreys finds wonder in the area he calls home and explains we all have a local area worth exploring
Villagers make a bamboo raft to transport goods to other villages

Squatters in their own land – the Orang Asli of Malaysia

The Orang Asli tribe of Peninsular Malaysia, faced with increasing demand for land over which they have few rights, are struggling to maintain their traditional way of life
Liverpool’s dockside Baltic Fleet pub

Discovering Britain: A Geographical pub crawl

ByRory WalshFeb 13, 2024
Rory Walsh goes on a geographical pub crawl around the UK
A guy stands on the beach holding a surfboard in the cold next to snowy-mountains

Equipment matters: Winter surfing

February surfing might be counterintuitive, but if you’ve got the right gear, it guarantees good waves
man holding coffee beans

Review: Most Delicious Poison by Noah Whiteman

ByBryony CottamFeb 10, 2024

Image: Shutterstock Noah Whiteman shines light on the poisons found in every day items and the link between poison and…

Patience Kanyangarara, 14, born with severe bilateral clubfoot, only started receiving clinical treatment at the age of nine, by which time her clubfoot had become difficult to address. After numerous surgeries and many months in plaster casts and braces, her feet have largely straightened out

How a simple treatment could end the misery of clubfoot for millions

ByTommy TrenchardFeb 8, 2024
A simple treatment is changing the lives of children born with the common defect clubfoot
Art of statue of liberty and some birds flying around it

Migrating birds fall foul of New York’s bright lights

New York sits on one of the USA’s main bird migration routes. Each year, hundreds of thousands die after flying into brightly lit skyscrapers
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