Khuri dunes in the Thar Desert, Rajasthan

Sifting sands: why the Thar desert on the borders of India and Pakistan is getting greener

ByBryony CottamApr 22, 2024
As climate change continues to drive desertification, one desert is set to undergo a surprising transformation
Polygonal tundra landscape in Russia’s Taymyr Peninsula

A warmer Arctic could have a big impact on Earth’s northernmost rivers

ByBryony CottamApr 4, 2024
A warmer Arctic could have a big impact on Earth’s northernmost rivers
Protest march in London over modern slavery

Victims of modern slavery are being held in UK prisons

ByGeographical StaffMar 4, 2024
The growing problem of modern slavery victims in UK prisons. Charities fear victims are being locked up
For the Sámi, reindeer herding is more than just a profession – it’s a way of life

Green energy projects are making grabs for poorly protected Indigenous lands

ByBryony CottamFeb 19, 2024
Energy companies must do more to ensure the transition to wind and solar doesn’t come at the expense of Indigenous communities
Drilling a borehole to reach groundwater

The world water map – accounting for every drop

ByGeographical StaffFeb 2, 2024
Can we map our way out of future water shortages? A new tool is helping scientists identify areas where demand exceeds supply
A road damaged by frost quakes in Finland

Frost quakes are a growing problem in Finland and other sub-Arctic countries

ByBryony CottamJan 16, 2024
Frost quakes could become increasingly frequent in the north, with potentially significant consequences for buildings and infrastructure
The use of charcoal and firewood is causing health issues among camp residents

A new fuel that could help air pollution in Africa

ByBryony CottamDec 27, 2023
Air pollution is rising across Africa, largely due to domestic fires, but one Kenyan entrepreneur has developed a much cleaner way to cook
The number of Redonda ground dragons has increased 13-fold

Redonda island successfully restored to biodiversity hotspot

ByGeographical StaffDec 11, 2023
Redonda island, a barren Caribbean island once plagued with rats is now a thriving biodiversity hotspot
There are nearly 2,000 kilometres of levees in the Joaquin River delta in northern California

US levee failures much more likely to affect vulnerable communities

ByBryony CottamNov 20, 2023
Disadvantaged US populations are most likely to live behind ageing levee networks and are at the greatest risk from levee failures
An artisinal gold mine in Uganda

Artisanal mining is leaving a trail of devastation

ByBryony CottamOct 27, 2023
Artisanal mining is booming in the tropics – and it’s leaving destruction and environmental degradation in its wake 
The warming Black Forest

Climate change is killing Germany’s Black Forest

ByGeographical StaffOct 17, 2023
A new study reveals that the rise of tree mortality in Germany's Black Forest can be directly attributed to climate change
A Marsican brown bear in Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park

How Marsican brown bears and humans can coexist

ByGeographical StaffOct 11, 2023
Opinions are divided on the Marsican brown bears living close to people in Italy, a new project aims to change that
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