There are nearly 2,000 kilometres of levees in the Joaquin River delta in northern California

US levee failures much more likely to affect vulnerable communities

ByBryony CottamNov 20, 2023
Disadvantaged US populations are most likely to live behind ageing levee networks and are at the greatest risk from levee failures
An artisinal gold mine in Uganda

Artisanal mining is leaving a trail of devastation

ByBryony CottamOct 27, 2023
Artisanal mining is booming in the tropics – and it’s leaving destruction and environmental degradation in its wake 
The warming Black Forest

Climate change is killing Germany’s Black Forest

ByGeographical StaffOct 17, 2023
A new study reveals that the rise of tree mortality in Germany's Black Forest can be directly attributed to climate change
A Marsican brown bear in Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park

How Marsican brown bears and humans can coexist

ByGeographical StaffOct 11, 2023
Opinions are divided on the Marsican brown bears living close to people in Italy, a new project aims to change that
Taking fingerprints for biometric ID cards for access to aid in Somalia

Fears mount over NGOs gathering biometric data

ByBryony CottamSep 26, 2023
A reliance on biometric data in the humanitarian sector is on the rise, despite growing evidence of the risks
A rare centipede from the genus Eupolybothrus that lives in the soil

More than half the world’s biodiversity lives in our soil

ByBryony CottamSep 18, 2023
New research on soil biodiversity reveals that we've greatly underestimated the number of species that live underground
The Taklamakan Desert in Xinjiang in northwest China

Exploring the earth’s core to understand volcanoes and earthquakes

ByGeographical StaffAug 29, 2023
Scientists are probing ever deeper into the centre of the earth and making remarkable discoveries
Ecocide in Vietnam

Ecocide becoming punishable by law across the world

ByChloe SmithAug 26, 2023
Ecocide is increasingly being written into law, with reparations given to local communities, land and rivers
Removing vines in some forests improves their carbon capture

Cutting back vines could boost carbon capture in forests

ByBryony CottamAug 22, 2023
New research reveals that, in some areas, cutting back lianas could actually help to increase the quantity of carbon captured by forests
Flooding in Bangladesh can make getting to school difficult

Climate change is impacting the education of millions of children

ByBryony CottamAug 15, 2023
Education is essential to addressing climate change, but the rise in heatwaves, drought and flooding is driving a global education crisis
The timber-constructed Wood Hotel in Norway is the world’s tallest wooden building

Is timber the solution for decarbonising construction?

ByBryony CottamJul 24, 2023
Using timber for housing could save 106 gigatonnes of carbon emissions, but challenges lie in having a sustainable supply
Global shipping traffic

Shipping remains a dirty business despite promises to clean up its act

ByBryony CottamJul 13, 2023
Global shipping still relies on dirty fuels and many fear that its promises to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 are little more than hot air
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