Institutional subscriptions

If you represent a University, College, School or Library we have a great offer to allow EVERY student on campus to enjoy Geographical and its magazine archive of over 1,000 issues, all for one subscription price. Simply follow the instructions below. Alternatively, if you would like to order a single personal subscription there is an option for that also.

Multi-Pass – Geographical’s Institutional digital subscription with access to more than 1,000 magazines

Multi-Pass Institutional digital subscriptions are for universities, colleges, libraries, and schools which allow you to set up access for anyone within your computer network. Pay once, access by each and every student/reader via Geographical Multi-Pass.

‘The searchable archive back to 1935 is a goldmine and at over 1,000 issues adds great value to the institutional subscription

Anyone on a machine within your specified networks (dictated by the IP ranges you specify) will be able to view the Geographical magazine you have bought.

Institutional sales are by invoice only. We will contact you to arrange payment details once your account is live.

To find out more details and to order a Multi-Pass subscription please press the button below.

Single Personal Print or Digital Subscription

If Multi-Pass is not for you and all you require is a single-person access then simply press the button below and follow the sign-up process.

Already have an Institutional Subscription or have a query?

If you have a further query or wish to update an existing Institutional Subscription, email us at [email protected]  or use the Chat button below