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Writer and photographer John Gilbey needed a cheap way of getting from Denver to San Francisco and he wasn’t in a hurry. A train journey across the American West aboard the California Zephyr beckoned
An EU project has revealed the extent of river fragmentation in Europe
A new, double-sided world map projection seeks to minimise the problems inherent in flattening the globe 
 Water scarcity is predicted to rise – two experts share their predictions for the future 
New collaborative research from the University of Oxford and the University of Washington proves the link between man-made climate change and Andes flood-risk
Can international pressure stop Bolsonaro’s trampling of the Amazon?
Conceived during the late 1800s, Letchworth Garden City was the first of its kind. The ethos of its founder still permeates the town to this day
Multiple failed attempts to build on a patch of land in Bucharest resulted in a barren wasteland. Now, a hands-off approach has led to it becoming one of the largest urban parks in the world
New 'deep learning' technology is helping to identify trees in the Sahel where few were thought to grow 
The land around the Kinabatangan River in the state of Sabah is home to a remarkable number of charismatic species, but this very abundance hints at the destruction beyond
Highlights from the column that keeps you connected with the world
At the end of a perplexing and thought-provoking year, we look back at some of the most popular Geographical features of 2020
The city of Mosul is slowly putting itself back together after the long years of war, with the reconstruction of the Al-Nouri Mosque a powerful symbol of hope
The story of a unique Italo-Slovenian community that came to be united by the border that once divided it
Bisecting Georgia's northwestern region, the Enguri River has come to mark a painful divide between the country and the breakaway region of Abkhazia. Journalist Clément Girardot and photographer Julien Pebrel travel along the river’s length, from the isolated highlands of…
A study in Northern Minnesota is experimentally heating the air and soils of forest enclosures to show how our warming climate will drastically change the composition, distribution and function of boreal and temperate forests 
Some of the quirkiest geopolitical oddities are  Europe’s semi-independent microstates (SIMs). Vitali Vitaliev takes a tour
Ninety years after depopulation, the Scottish islands of St Kilda continue to exert a huge pull for visitors – and are a barometer of the threats faced by the UK’s seabirds

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