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As the USA's devastating opioid epidemic rages on, scientists work to track the use of potent synthetic drugs. Monitoring their circulation and supply is critical to solving the crisis
Multiple failed attempts to build on a patch of land in Bucharest resulted in a barren wasteland. Now, a hands-off approach has led to it becoming one of the largest urban parks in the world
The recipient of the 2018 Land Rover bursary, supported by the RGS-IBG, has been awarded extra funding to continue its work
New 'deep learning' technology is helping to identify trees in the Sahel where few were thought to grow 
The Great Plains of the USA are once again getting dustier, highlighting the complicated nature of environmental policies
The remarkable speed with which Covid-19 vaccines were created shows how quickly medical breakthroughs can take place when funds and resources are pooled. But many diseases don’t receive such attention. Can Covid-19’s legacy help to eliminate neglected diseases or is the system broken at its core? 
Attempts to build a digital twin of the Earth could lead to the democratisation of climate and environmental data 
The land around the Kinabatangan River in the state of Sabah is home to a remarkable number of charismatic species, but this very abundance hints at the destruction beyond
Food systems will need to change as the global population grows. With reform, could fishing and aquaculture step up to the challenge?
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At the end of a perplexing and thought-provoking year, we look back at some of the most popular Geographical features of 2020
Climate change is forecast to trigger the mass migration of millions of people over the coming decades, but are these predictions really accurate? Chris Fitch investigates 
Conflict in Tigray threatens to undermine progress in Ethiopia. Tim Marshall investigates
Life on the outskirts of Lake Baikal in southern Siberia, the world’s deepest lake, is evolving, but change comes slowly to Russia’s frozen outpost, nearer to Beijing than Moscow 
The city of Mosul is slowly putting itself back together after the long years of war, with the reconstruction of the Al-Nouri Mosque a powerful symbol of hope

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