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The Global South has contributed very little to the world climate crisis but is already exposed to some of its most catastrophic effects. We asked six climate leaders from different backgrounds in civil and political society what problems they see in their own territories and what can be done to ensure that their nations lead their own change
Geographical editor, Katie Burton, spends the day at COP26: finance day
Lawyers are using the power of the courts to challenge governments and companies that fail to act on climate change
Marco Magrini sums up the action from day two of COP26, during which world leaders and heads of state made statements 
COP has been described as the 'best last chance' to turn the tide on climate change. As world leaders gather, we hear the expert view from leaders of the small island states that are most vulnerable to rising sea levels and ocean acidification
Mike Robinson, chief executive of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS), describes how the host of COP26 is taking a lead on climate 
Will China's climate pledges be enough to achieve Xi Jinping's vision of a 'beautiful, green China'?
Net zero. It’s the phrase that polarises scientists and environmental campaigners like no other. For some, it’s the only game in town, the sole means by which humans will avoid catastrophic climate change and limit global warming to 1.5°C. For others, it’s a brazen vehicle for greenwashing and deferring meaningful change – Mark Rowe investigates 
As the world gears up for COP26 in Glasgow, Marco Magrini charts the fortunes of the COP summits
The importance of COP26, taking place in Glasgow at the start of November, is hard to overstate. Tim Marshall explores the make or break geopolitical forces underlying the biggest climate conference since the Paris Agreement  
Access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa is the worst in the world, a fact that touches every facet of people’s lives there. But change can happen with the right policies in place
James Wallace, chief executive of Beaver Trust, shares an unlikely tale of acquaintance between three familiar species
The winners of the most hotly anticipated photography competition have been announced

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