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Capturing carbon from power stations and other high-carbon processes is often described as a vital part of the overall strategy to control CO2 emissions – but does it really work?
 Dubbed the riskiest glacier on Earth, an ongoing project to learn more about Thwaites is vital to ensure the accuracy of sea-level rise predictions
In Klaus Dodds’ final geopolitcal column, he says goodbye by coming full circle
Most people think they are more environmentally friendly than others. Most people are wrong...
In the first of a two-part series, Angus Parker considers Russia’s new Arctic strategy and the implications for the rest of the northern world
A rapid change in eating habits is deemed necessary to avoid climate catastrophe. But what are the future solutions being proposed, and how far are governments going to make them a reality?
The discovery of a new form of the aurora borealis could reveal secrets about the most unknown part of the planet
The release of pharmaceuticals into rivers and lakes is having dramatic consequences for both human health and that of ecosystems
Evelyn Habasa is the founder of Ride 4 a Woman, a not-for-profit organisation set up to support women living in Bwindi, Uganda who are struggling with issues such as HIV, domestic violence and poverty
Benjamin Hennig maps the two sides of global malnutrition – undernourishment and obesity
A carbon offsetting programme in Tanzania’s Yaeda Valley is giving value to an indigenous community and addressing climate change at the same time
Angus Parker examines the impact of the coronavirus on the stability of the Chinese Communist Party 
Whatever your subject, looking through a macro lens provides an entirely different way of seeing the world, says Keith Wilson
Soil erosion is rapidly becoming a worldwide problem and a threat to global food security, but new research suggests that individual countries can take action
Klaus Dodds turns his attention to Ukraine and examines the growing influence of China in the region

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