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Xavi Bou's artistic visions of flight beguile the eye
The UK relies heavily on forest biomass to boost its renewable energy production, but ‘renewable’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘green’
Hydropower is considered essential if the world is to reach net zero, but do the broader cost to ecosystems and local communities outweigh the benefits? 
While the world debates the best ways to reduce emissions and hold global temperature rise below 2°C, the heat is already on for countries facing the greatest threats from climate change.
The Ganges is one of the most polluted rivers on Earth, but such is its religious importance that there are those willing to make enormous sacrifices to see that it’s cleaned up 
The world’s largest single organism is unprepared for the changes humans have wrought upon its ecosystem
A new caviar-production venture could transform Thailand into a major source of the highly prized foodstuff
As the year draws to a close, we take a look back at some of the most popular Geographical features of 2021
In cities around the world, the geography of homosexuality is shifting. As historic bars and clubs close down, or where they never existed, queer people are finding other ways to gather
In Morocco, people don’t Uber. Instead, they pile into so-called grand taxis – battered but colourful old diesel Mercedes cars. These ancient vehicles, which the government is trying to force off the streets, tell a wider story about the suffocating legacy of the West’s new car market and the rapid expansion of the North African automotive industry
Oysters play a hugely important role in ecosystems by filtering water and providing habitat for other creatures, but overfishing has decimated their populations. Jacob Dykes visits an ambitious project to restore oyster reefs in Essex waters
Our Christmas Gift Guide is back for 2021, featuring eco-friendly, ethically-made, sustainable presents for your geography-loving family and friends
Few consumed crops today are free of human meddling. Now, the UK is liberalising the rules around gene-edited crops
Vitali Vitaliev takes a tour of the small town of Montreuil-sur-Mer in northern France
With the market for Muslim travellers growing at pace, holiday-makers and travellers are broadening their horizons

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