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A new initiative to save mangrove forests in the Dominican Republic aims to protect coastal regions and sequester carbon
The semi-autonomous Russian republic of Kalmykia sits at the forefront of global climate change as the desert encroaches ever further
Government proposals to change conservation legislation could see vulnerable mammals go unprotected
In Mogadishu, the troubled capital of Somalia, tentative moves towards economic regrowth are evident, but the future remains far from certain 
High in protein, antioxidants and requiring little space. What’s not to like? 
For this month’s Discovering Britain trail, Rory Walsh explores the haven of Holkham beach
Researchers have predicted the birth of a new mountain range, but we won’t be around to see it 
Snake wine is sold openly all over Southeast Asia but, as Dawn Starin discovers, these tourist-lures do little to reflect the real culture
Archaeological work around Lake Malawi suggests that humans manipulated the environment with fire many thousands of years ago 
Tim Marshall is a journalist, broadcaster and author of Prisoners of Geography and Divided: Why We’re Living in an Age of Walls
New research confirms that sharks navigate using the Earth's magnetic field, undergoing long-distance migrations with high precision
Going out into the world’s wildernesses or performing extraordinary feats of endurance have long been opportunities to inspire and educate. Matt Maynard asks what standard we should hold modern-day explorers to in the wake of the climate and environmental crises
For this month’s Discovering Britain Rory Walsh meets a Scottish village that blows hot and cold
Maida Bilal risked all to prevent contractors building a dam on the river near her home in Bosnia Herzegovina
Tim Marshall asks what the G7 stands for today and what it can achieve

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