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Tom Goldner's project Do Brumbies Dream in Red? is an intimate portrayal of the effect of environmental catastophe. He sought to question our relationship with nature through the symbolism of the Australian brumby – a feral horse with a controversial reputation among environmentalists
A new, double-sided world map projection seeks to minimise the problems inherent in flattening the globe 
Not your usual tune: translating spider's silk into sound could open up a whole world of web research
 Water scarcity is predicted to rise – two experts share their predictions for the future 
A new model of pesticide use highlights the risk to huge swathes of land 
Twenty years ago, a group of scientists published the first draft of the Human Genome Project, revolutionising the study of human health and disease 
With millions of lives at stake, scientists have accelerated research and its dissemination to tackle Covid-19. When we emerge from the pandemic, science, and our relationship with it, may never be the same again 
Polar explorer Felicity Aston and her Icelandic husband took on the challenge of a lifetime when they became custodians of an island in the remote Arctic Westfjords to learn the art of eider down farming 
Tim Marshall, British journalist, author and broadcaster, shares his thoughts on the geopolitics of the current global vaccination drive 
Peter Fretwell is a senior geographic information scientist at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). He tells Geographical about his career, and what it's like being a scientist for BAS
Millions of oysters have been rescued from the struggling shellfish trade for use in restorative aquaculture programmes 
New collaborative research from the University of Oxford and the University of Washington proves the link between man-made climate change and Andes flood-risk
Pressure is mounting on steelmakers to decarbonise, but it’s proving to be a particularly difficult industry to clean up
For this month’s Discovering Britain Rory Walsh hears how student politics shaped Stamford
In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, miners are looking to the hills and mountains for viable gold deposits. Laura Cole asks why the hunt for the yellow metal has returned to the United Kingdom

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