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Going places with geography

Geographers are uniquely placed to contribute to many of the challenges facing the world today. But exactly what sort of job can you get as a geographer?

‘There isn’t a simple list of ‘geography jobs’,’ says Steve Brace, the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)’s Head of Educational and Outdoor Learning. ‘Instead, there are a great many jobs that geographers do.’ So while there is no prescribed geographical career path, there are vast opportunities available to geography students going on to the world of work.

The Society has recently published new Going Places with Geography material to introduce students, teachers and parents to careers in geography. 

In the new material, you will find geographers working in every part of the economy. Here are just three examples…

Olly-Parsons-REPOlly Parsons
Disaster Response Coordinator
I work for the global trade association for the mobile phone industry. We undertake a wide range of work, from increasing mobile networks’ resilience to disasters, to studying ways in which mobile phones can help deliver aid and assistance. As well as giving me an understanding of global disasters and crises, my geography degree has also helped me with communication skills, which are vital when working with members and partners across different cultures. Geography students serious about a career in this sector need to network. Get your own work out there and show you’re serious about your topic of interest.

Rebecca-Shewry-REPRebecca Shewry
TV Weather Producer
My job requires me to produce forecasts that can be broadcast on television. I take complex weather information and make it accessible. This may be as simple as reminding people to take an umbrella out in times of wet weather, but it’s particularly important in times of severe weather. Studying geography has given me a broad range of skills, which I use every day in interpreting and communicating weather data on local and global scales. Geography gives you a fantastic understanding of the world, as well as a range of transferable skills to make you very desirable to employers.

Briony-Coulson-REPBriony Coulson
Senior Policy Advisor
I work on the negotiations of the European Union’s 2030 climate change target, in which the United Kingdom is calling for at least a 40 per cent reduction in domestic greenhouse gas emissions. This involves identifying opportunities to engage with, and influence, other countries, organisations and businesses. The analytical skills I learnt studying geography at university have been invaluable and a scientific understanding of climate change has given me credibility. It really helps to know your subject! My advice for students is to follow your passion, get some experience (my time spent volunteering was invaluable) and never stop learning.

To download a Going Places with Geography booklet and poster, visit: www.rgs.org/goingplaces or to find our more email [email protected]

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