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What it means to be a Chartered Geographer

What it means to be a Chartered Geographer
20 Jun
The Society’s Chartered Geographer (CGeog) scheme is the only internationally recognised professional accreditation for those with experience in the use of geographical knowledge, understanding and skills in the workplace

With over 750 Chartered Geographers now accredited, we caught up with two of our CGeog assessors, Angela Baker and Dr Stephanie Davidson, to discuss their backgrounds, the benefits of the scheme and what they’re looking for in CGeog applications.

Angela Baker (above, left)

‘I am the Sales, Marketing and Channel Manager for EuroGeographics, an independent international not-for-profit organisation representing Europe’s National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authorities. ‘In this role, I am responsible for coordinating the production, licensing and marketing of EuroGeographics’ pan-European products which includes overseeing the production management team as well as the customer relationship management of end users. One of my main focusses is working with members to support them in providing their data so it can be included in EuroGeographics datasets. This not only helps to promote the importance of geospatial information from official national sources, but also enhances our product by increasing coverage.

‘Chartered Geographer has helped me in many ways but mainly to actively consider the impact I am having on my organisation, our members and our end users, and also to consider my own continuing professional development (CPD). Personally the most useful part of the scheme is the CPD element, and the requirement to submit a CPD record each year. Often in busy jobs we focus on our day to day tasks, but it is important to think about your own professional development, both from the perspective of what will support your current job, and also what will stimulate you going forward. As a CGeog Final Assessor, one of the main things I am looking for in applications is evidence of impact either from within or outside the day job. Everyone I know makes an impact whether it is for their colleagues, customers or clients, and I want to see clear evidence of that.’

Dr Stephanie Davidson (above, right)

‘I currently work as a Consultant Geomorphologist for Jacobs in Glasgow, specialising in modern and ancient river systems. As a practicing geomorphologist, my role is key in implementing sustainable, low impact and cost-effective design options for a range of engineering and river restoration schemes. As such, my job entails collecting site survey data to characterise rivers, analysing the information to provide robust quantitative data to understand the current stability, stream type and evolutionary status of the river, and therefore, provide meaningful input to engineering designs and restoration plans. Last year I decided that it seemed appropriate to apply for formal recognition of my qualifications and experience in geography and was granted CGeog status. This is particularly beneficial from a professional viewpoint in engineering and environmental consultancy where clients and regulators require confidence in the data and analysis provided in reports.

‘CGeog is invaluable in providing a method to ensure robust standards and consistency between geography qualifications and experience, and it provides networking and mentoring opportunities with fellow Chartered Geographers.

‘By agreeing to be an Initial Assessor on the scheme, I am continuing the commitment to my own professional development and I see this as an opportunity to share my years of broad experience through constructive feedback and to encourage others to follow their passion. In my assessments I am looking for a commitment to professional and personal development, a passion for geography, a willingness to share experience and an openness to learn.’

This was published in the June 2019 edition of Geographical magazine

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