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by Sudipta Sen • Yale University Press • £20 (hardback)
by Jerry Brotton • Reaktion Books • £9.99 (paperback)
by Colin Everard • IB Tauris • £30 (hardback)
by Pete Brown • Particular Books • £16.99 (hardback)
by Paul Dobraszczyk • Reaktion Books • £18 (hardback)
by Parag Khanna • Weidenfeld & Nicolson • £20 (hardback)
It makes you angry - extremely. It makes you sad - desperately. And, Rob Stewart’s third and last film, Sharkwater Extinction, also manages to leave you feeling empowered and keen to keep his fight going, no mean feat for a…
by Rory O’Grady • The Conrad Press • £18.99 (hardback)

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