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The Great Explorers - Exclusive Geographical Reader Offer!
15 Dec
Get 30% off the cover price of this in-depth journey into the world’s greatest explorers!

Filled with names that have made, and changed, the course of history, The Great Explorers and their Journeys of Discovery is a 200-page marvel that takes you on romantic, dangerous, intrepid and fascinating voyages.

From the time of Erik the Red through the journeys of Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, the Spanish conquistadores, to the heroic attempts of Livingstone, Amundsen and Scott, this beautifully illustrated hardback book journeys around the world with those who have dedicated, and in some cases sacrificed, their lives to expand our knowledge of the globe.

For modern-day travellers and those fascinated by world history, The Great Explorers brings the stories of intrepid explorers to life with the inclusion of photographs, letters, hand-drawn maps and plans, and many other treasures from the archives of the Royal Geographical Society.

The author, Beau Riffenburgh, is an historian specialising in polar exploration. A native of California he earned his doctorate at the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge, where he later served as editor of Polar Record, the world’s oldest journal of polar research, and as head of the Polar History Group.

Thanks to our friends at Carlton Books, Geographical readers are being offered a whopping 30 per cent off the cover price of The Great Explorers! Normally £25, by entering the code RGS in the online shopping basket at the link below, you can get your copy of this remarkable book for just £17.50!

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