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OFFMAPS2 All the maps. All the time.

OFFMAPS2 All the maps. All the time.
01 Apr
Swiping for information has become so normal that a trip abroad can sometimes feel like a small amputation

You reach for a device to find the way to some obscure, ancient monument and then freeze as anything data heavy is going to cost a fortune. Often, it's the most useful apps, such as maps, that are the most data greedy.

OffMapsis a simple data-saving answer to this -- basically, it takes maps offline.

You purchase a map before leaving, and then make use of the offline search mode, bookmark functions and public transport overlays. There's also integration with Wikipedia and Wikitravel, providing a basic review function. Restaurant info comes courtesy of Toptable.

The drawback is that OffMapscharges for map bundles, althoug hit's still cheaper than putting up with data roaming charges. But a traveller needs to make sure the journey is well planned in advance, sometimes the map boundary ends just when it's needed most.

OffMaps2 costs 79p.

This review originally appeared in the April 2015 edition of Geographical Magazine.

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