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CYCLESTREETS Granddaddy to all cycle maps

CYCLESTREETS Granddaddy to all cycle maps
20 Mar
There are many cycle route planners that look slicker than CycleStreets, but this the ganddaddy.

Unlike, Citymapper, CycleStreets has national coverage. And while Google goes for obvious cycle routes, Cyclsetreets has fastest, balanced or quietest route options. The app provides all the information you'd expect: distance, topography, time, calories burned and so on. If there is a problem it's too much detail. It can be fiddlyto set a waypoint. Also, OpenStreetMap serves as the underlay for Cyclestreets and this accounts for the app's old-fashioned feel.

But, whether the journey is cross-country or a commute to work, Cyclestreets will know almost every approach to the route. It's surprising how combining national cycle routes and back-country roads lead to an almost car-free journey.

CycleStreets. Price: free.

This review appeared in the March 2015 edition of Geographical.


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