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Benjamin Hennig maps the two sides of global malnutrition – undernourishment and obesity
Thomas Bird reports on the coronavirus, speaking to those trapped in Wuhan and beyond, and unpicking the ways in which tradition and geography have accelerated the spread of the virus [Figures updated 7th February]
The world’s second largest tropical forest receives significantly less funding than its counterparts in other countries
The world’s first water-borne dairy farm has been erected on the shores of Rotterdam. What does this say about the future of food, cities and, indeed, cows?
Continental Europe’s most extensive underground rail transport network, the Madrid Metro, has transformed the life of Europe’s third-largest city. This year, the Metro celebrates a century of steady progress and expansion
A central highway in Brazil’s largest city is about to get a green makeover. But are the plans all they’re cracked up to be and who, really, will benefit?
Urban photography marries themes and passages from TS Eliot in a striking look at London
From Leonardo da Vinci’s genius and the history of Starbucks, to failing dams and global light pollution, the winners of the 2019 Information Is Beautiful awards have been announced
How do you usually travel to work? Question 41 in the last UK Census asked employed people to indicate which mode of transport they used for the longest part of their usual journey to work. In combination with information about…
The Nile is home to mysteries both ancient and modern – these scientists may have got to the bottom of two long-debated questions
While researching his main article on the world’s smallest countries, Vitali Vitaliev breaks down the confusingly eccentric ruling bodies of the tiny nation of San Marino
Vitali Vitaliev briefly meets the down-to-earth ruler of Liectenstein
In the third of his series on geopolitical oddities, Vitali Vitaliev looks at our planet’s smallest independent nations
While the country is still reeling from the shock of Hurricane Dorian, the most powerful Atlantic storm to hit the island nation since records began, a study by Stanford University highlights the potential of nature-based protection to minimise future damage
Increased rainfall intensity, predicted to occur as the climate changes, could benefit groundwater levels in nine African countries
Now in its fourth year, this annual lecture series highlights Oman’s flourishing natural habitat. This year, the focus is on the work of the Oman Botanic Garden
With Jakarta suffering from severe subsidence, pollution and congestion, Indonesia is making plans to move its capital
A revolution in digital mapmaking is underway and the implications for industry, the environment and all of humanity are huge

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