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Chris Fitch

Recent discoveries suggest Iceland’s first settlers were not, in fact, Viking-age Scandinavians. Celtic Scottish and Irish explorers look likely to have arrived first

UK land becoming more urban

A new map shows how UK land use is continuing the trend of converting forest and agricultural land to artificial surfaces

Eyes in the Sky – July 2015

What could be more exciting than three months working in the Alps? Doing so with helicopters and drones, of course. Mark Allen tells Geographical about his technology-assisted research project

Destructive dams

They may enjoy a clean, green reputation, but the environmental impact of dams built for hydroelectric energy appears far worse than first believed

Rights of passage

A landmark ruling finally gives hope to indigenous peoples around the world fighting to reclaim their homelands

Off the grid

The world’s longest underwater electricity cable will enable sharing of renewable energy between the UK and Norway

Trunk calls

An elephant early warning system is preventing deaths across India’s tea and coffee plantations

Fleeing Eritrea

The small repressive nation of Eritrea, sitting atop the Horn of Africa, remains largely unmentioned in mainstream media, despite being a significant cause of Mediterranean refugees
The humanitarian crisis facing the Rohingya in south Asia can’t be explained without understanding the complex – and conflicting – anthropological and political identities
Switzerland has found itself under the spotlight recently, in the wake of another FIFA scandal. Klaus Dodds explores the country’s unique neutrality, and what these events could mean for its international reputation

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