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Chris Fitch

A new exhibition at the RGS–IBG takes you inside the incredible Ernest Shackleton story of endurance against all the odds, which took place exactly 100 years ago
Fly-on-the-wall style film-making vividly displays the daily life of Sherpas, and how a tragedy on Everest led to a dramatic series of events

The Third Way

Combating climate change requires humanity to consider various available options – could so-called ‘third way’ technologies potentially make the difference?
Saba Douglas-Hamilton is a conservationist, film-maker, and presenter of wildlife television programmes. After growing up in the African bush, she joined her father’s conservation charity, Save the Elephants, and manages the family’s eco-lodge, Elephant Watch Camp, in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya

Stemming the flow

Development in sub-Saharan Africa is being undermined by a growing number of malaria cases, with people living near dams at least three times more likely to contract the disease

Why Chinese cities are different

Urban design and sustainable infrastructure will play a huge role in building a low-carbon global economy. But cities in one key player – China – have some significant differences to the rest of the world

Middle East meltdown

Models suggest the Middle East could be inhospitable by 2100
UN aspirations to leave COP21 in Paris with a binding agreement on decarbonising the world economy have been disrupted by Nicaragua, which is protesting against the process
Following on from highly acclaimed documentary The Cove, Louie Psihoyos had an ambitious goal: to make a film about the Earth’s human-induced ‘sixth extinction’
We all know about the trials and travails of Catalonia, Taiwan, Somaliland, and numerous other infamous ‘non-states’ (at least from the UN’s perspective)

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