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The end of human-powered rickshaws has long been predicted in the crowded city of Kolkata, the day may finally be coming when it actually happens
Faizal Farook investigates the relationship between Britain’s diverse ethnic-minority communities and the country’s natural spaces 
Following the shocking discovery of thousands of unmarked graves at former residential schools in Canada, the country’s Indigenous people are using art to find truth and reconciliation
The Ganges is one of the most polluted rivers on Earth, but such is its religious importance that there are those willing to make enormous sacrifices to see that it’s cleaned up 
A new caviar-production venture could transform Thailand into a major source of the highly prized foodstuff
In Morocco, people don’t Uber. Instead, they pile into so-called grand taxis – battered but colourful old diesel Mercedes cars. These ancient vehicles, which the government is trying to force off the streets, tell a wider story about the suffocating…
Vitali Vitaliev takes a tour of the small town of Montreuil-sur-Mer in northern France
With the market for Muslim travellers growing at pace, holiday-makers and travellers are broadening their horizons
Three years ago, a violent storm devastated northern Italy’s iconic forests. Chris Fitch investigates what makes these trees so special and how people from around the world are helping to bring them back to life
'The British Isles' by Jamie Hawkesworth is a celebration of free adventure in modern Britain
Hadani Ditmars explores the Iranian neighbourhoods of Vancouver, where the mountainous backdrop is so reminiscent of that found in Tehran
High in protein, antioxidants and requiring little space. What’s not to like? 
Snake wine is sold openly all over Southeast Asia but, as Dawn Starin discovers, these tourist-lures do little to reflect the real culture
The dramatic scenery of the Jurassic Coast and the fossils hidden within its rocks make it one-of-a-kind for citizen scientists and collectors alike 
Dawn Starin learns more about the orchids being sipped, slurped and swallowed into extinction
Life on the outskirts of Lake Baikal in southern Siberia, the world’s deepest lake, is evolving, but change comes slowly to Russia’s frozen outpost, nearer to Beijing than Moscow 
Every autumn in the Caucasus Mountains, men climb to the top of Nordmann firs to harvest pine cones whose seeds will feed the lucrative European Christmas tree market. But this activity generates very limited economic benefits for Georgia’s Racha province,…
Life has slowed down as the pandemic has spread...

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