Ponant - Yacht Cruises and Expeditions

Ponant - Yacht Cruises and Expeditions
02 Sep
Bringing the ‘French Touch’ to travelling the world’s oceans


GeoTravelPartnerThe only French cruise line and world leader in Polar cruising, PONANT perpetuates the great French maritime tradition; one that offers exceptional destinations on small capacity ships embodying a lifestyle à la française: a travel concept that combines intimacy and curiosity, luxury and authenticity.


From the beginning, PONANT made a bold gamble to focus on small capacity ships as a way of combining a passion for sailing with five-star yachts. Aboard PONANT ships, the newest and most modern in the cruise sector, refinement and comfort take inspiration from nautical references: somewhere between chic and casual relaxation. Their sophisticated design and intimate size give passengers the feeling they are on a private yacht.


PONANT’s yachts are small enough to reach ports that are inaccessible to the bigger ships. Be it an expedition to the Arctic, a relaxing cruise in the Caribbean or a voyage of discovery to South America, PONANT’s carefully thought out itineraries meet everyone’s desires.


The only cruise company flying the French flag, PONANT brings the ‘French Touch’ to travelling the world’s oceans, a way of life embodied by French crews, and where discreet service and gourmet cuisine take pride of place. The ‘French Touch’ is also this subtle blend of relaxed elegance and conviviality, a refined and welcoming service on board, the ‘je-ne-sais quoi’ acclaimed by passengers – whatever their nationality.

It is also the choice of French partners known for their high standards of excellence: beauty firm SOTHYSTM, Pierre FREY for fabrics, home fragrances by FRAGONARD, L’OCCITANE for beauty products, boutique selection from LACOSTE, FAÇONNABLE…

Neko Harbour


Swimming in the wake of a sea turtle in Tobago Cays, sipping champagne at the foot of Mount Etna, or admiring with bated breath a family of whales frolicking… PONANT cruises offer unforgettable moments as immense and magical as the open sea. A unique experience of travel and escape.

Five-Star Expedition embodies:

• 15 years’ of expertise in the Polar Regions.

• Four luxury yachts designed to navigate in extreme regions and small enough to land passengers in the most exceptional sites to which other ships cannot gain access.

• Unique itineraries where flexibility at all times is the approach.

• Expedition teams composed of experts passionate about their subjects.

• Regular outings and landings in Zodiacs® to get as close to nature as possible.

• Constant respect for the environment, from the design of the ships to Zodiac® landings.

• And as always, the quality, service and comfort that are the PONANT hallmarks, whatever the destination.

Five-Star Expedition destinations:

• White Expedition: Arctic and Antarctica

• Blue Expedition: Oceania

• Green Expedition: South America


Telephone – 0800 980 4027
Address: 408 Avenue du Prado, 13008 Marseille, FRANCE



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