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Professor Amin Al-Habaibeh, professor of intelligent engineering systems at Nottingham Trent University, describes the energy potential of the Sahara 
Professor Saffa Riffat explains the potential of Floating Deep Farms to feed the world’s ever-increasing population 
It’s time to listen to the children, says Marco Magrini
In October 1985, consultant mining engineer Chandra Durve and Dr Edward Ferrett, then head of the Faculty of Technology at Cornwall Technical College wrote an article for Geographical about tailings dams and some of the dangers they pose. The article, reproduced…
Innovative efforts and passionate activism by tomorrow’s generations are making real differences around the world
Gary Fuller is an air pollution scientist at King’s College London. His new book, The Invisible Killer: The Rising Global Threat of Air Pollution – and How We Can Fight Back, is published by Melville House
We’ve reached a critical juncture in the illegal poaching of some of our planet’s most endangered species and technological advancements might be the key to tipping the balance
There’s an unexpected issue with post-Brexit Britain that could dramatically affect UK business owners
Using computer simulations, cultural evolution researcher Alex Mesoudi analyses the impact of migration and challenges the belief that it harms a host country's cultural identity 
Architect Kelvin Campbell presents the case for ‘making massive small change’, a way of rebuilding neighbourhoods from the bottom up to transform urban lives
The vaquita is a species of porpoise endemic to the northern Gulf of California in Mexico, but illegal fishing means this fascinating creature is doomed to extinction, says Matthew Podolsky
Tim Brookes is the founder of the Endangered Alphabets Project a non-profit organisation that preserves endangered cultures
Encouraging beavers’ spread will only benefit the environment – on both the North American and European sides of the pond – argues author and environmental journalist Ben Goldfarb
City centres in the UK and other countries, could be on the cusp of the biggest upheaval since the Industrial Revolution. Professor Bob Giddings asks who they should be for and what should happen in them

Ailing empires

Is the world going through another transfer of power? Julian Sayarer asks where this moment in history might lead
It’s time to stop relying on traditional commercial methods when dealing with disease outbreaks, says Professor Harris Makatsoris
Lack of pollination of commercial crops is an issue of agricultural, not environmental importance

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