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Artist and geographer Nick Jones was appointed artist in residence for the Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute, and in 2018 voyaged to Greenland and Baffin Island, painting pictures of icebergs, clouds, cliffs and seascapes

Dossier: mining the Arctic

Arctic nations are gearing up to exploit the region’s abundant natural resources
 Dubbed the riskiest glacier on Earth, an ongoing project to learn more about Thwaites is vital to ensure the accuracy of sea-level rise predictions
New analysis of NASA data has led to the discovery of more than 60 sub-glacial lakes hidden beneath the Greenland ice sheet
A seven-year study of Patagonia’s ice sheets has revealed the volume ice they contain is even greater than previously understood
Despite common belief that Antarctica is vastly uninhabited, humans are now taking up so much space on the continent that they are beginning to pose threats to wildlife and nature
The world’s magnetic model is getting an early update, as the movement of the North Pole continues to accelerate
A region of Antarctica previously known for relative stability is beginning to show signs of movement
Seismometers buried in the Ross Ice Shelf have revealed that its snowy surface constantly vibrates, producing a low rumble of noise that scientists can use to monitor changes
Rising bedrock under the West Antarctic Ice Sheet could prevent climate change ice loss

World Penguin Day

Celebrate World Penguin Day with this selection of penguin-related stories from Geographical
Scientists discover how shrubs are dominating the Arctic tundra
The biodiversity of the Antarctic seafloor has been modelled for the first time
A multilateral moratorium prevents Arctic Ocean fishing for 16 years, setting aside some degree of sovereignty disputes while scientific research of the top of the world continues
New documentary travels to remote Antarctica to unpack the complex science behind climate change
Geographical’s regular look at the world of climate change. This month, Marco Magrini looks at the melting permafrost
Recent observations of Arctic flora and fauna indicate major changes to ecosystems in the area
The toll, as a response to melting sea ice, would result in 8,600 less individuals from an estimated population of 26,000

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