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Chris Fitch

Human pressure is adding significant plastic pollution to the Mediterranean Sea, with total estimates ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 tons
New Natural History Museum exhibition provides considerable information about the creation and history of coral reefs, but fails to inspire
A stunning profusion of maps, diagrams and infographics from every part of the world and every corner of the brain

Nature takes off

 Singapore is building an airport where indoor trees, waterfalls and a ‘rain vortex’ sit alongside check-in queues, transit lounges and baggage carousels

Amazon carbon sink neutralised

The Amazon rainforest is unable to store any further carbon dioxide, as faster growing trees are dying younger
Jane Labous meets the forward-looking alangizi (or 'initiators') who are revolutionising one of Zambia's most ancient traditions

Hotspot: Turkey - April 2015

With protests against violence towards women taking to the streets around the world, Klaus Dodds asks what role gender has to play in global geopolitics

New land ahoy

A recent volcanic eruption in Tonga caused a new island to emerge from the sea. But how unique an event is this? And will it last?
A film uncovering and deploring the extent of air pollution and environmental degradation in China has started a national conversation 

New African rainfall patterns

Satellite data reveals that over the last decade, Africa, as a whole, has become both wetter and greener

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