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Sony Award winners heading out on tour

  • Written by  Luke Weir
  • Published in Geophoto
Sony Award winners heading out on tour
21 May
The prestigious photography awards to go on display in some of the world’s top-ranked hotels

Now in its 12th year, the Sony World Photography Awards is an annual event celebrating and recognising talented individuals at every level from amateur to professional. The diverse selection of categories include: travel, wildlife, sports, street photography, portraiture and landscape, and this year a record-breaking 327,000 photographs were submitted from more than 62 countries.

In partnership with the awards, Dorsett Hospitality International has launched an exclusive pop-up exhibition at the Dorsett Shepherds Bush hotel in west London. You’ll need to hurry to catch it though, the exhibition runs until 26 May and provides hotel guests and drop-in visitors the opportunity to experience a selection of the award-winning images from both the competition’s National Awards programme and Open categories.

Following the display in London, the exhibition will visit Dorsett locations in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong King and Shanghai.

Submissions to the 2020 Sony World Photography Awards open at the beginning of June.

Christy Lee Rogers

Harmony by Christy Lee Rogers (United States – Open Photographer of the Year)

Category: Motion

Part of a series called ‘Muses’, Rogers shot this image underwater in Hawaii. Inspired by Baroque masterpieces, the artist aimed to expose ‘the vulnerabilities and beauty of the human body in an underwater setting’.

Baerbel Brechtel

Follow Us by Baerbel Brechtel (Germany)

Of her moody image of horses, Brechtel says: ‘It is a stormy day. There are four horses on two sites of a little creek. It seems the two horses in the foreground can't make up their mind to cross the water. One of the horses in the middle-ground, already on the other side of the creek has turned towards the ones in the foreground as if it wanted to say “join us”. We're going to the ruin. The walls will protect us against the storm. The other horse is just looking over its shoulder and is heading towards the ruin.’

Philippe Sarfati

Heatwave by Philippe Sarfati (France)

Category: Architecture

Sarfati captured this moment in Kanazawa, Japan in July 2018. It shows a member of staff at the 21st Century Contemporary Art Museum watering the grass.


Shadow Puppetry by Jianhua Pan (China)

Category: Culture

Pan’s image captures a performance of shadow puppetry, an art form which has a history of over 2,000 years in China. This folk art was particularly popular during the expansion of Manchu rule in China, as these rulers could not speak local dialects or understand local entertainment.

Martin Stranka

Dreamers and Warriors by Martin Stranka (Czech Republic)

Category: Creative

Stranka creates images that he says ‘exist in the narrow window of a few seconds between dreaming and awakening’. This image looks as though it could be a still from a film, between fantasy and reality.

hal Gage

Stumps, Alder Lake, Nisqually River, Washington by Hal Gage (United States)

Category: Landscape

Gage’s image shows Alder Lake in Washington during Spring when water levels are low, exposing the surrounding tree stumps. The lake was created in 1944 with the construction of Alder Dam and was named after the small town of Alder, which was destroyed by flooding from the lake in 1945.


Underwater Gannets by Tracey Lund (United Kingdom)

Category: Natural World & Wildlife

Tracey Lund’s image of diving gannets was taken while the photographer was on a trip to the Shetland’s, photographing the bird’s around some of the remotest islands in the archipelago. Gannets have a spongy bone plate at the tip of the bill enabling them to dive into the water at speeds of 60 to 70kph.


Grayson Perry – Birth by Richard Ansett (United Kingdom)

Category: Portraiture

Ansett described the ‘birth’ concept as ‘designed and inspired by the inexhaustible mother and child motif brought up to date for the 21st century’.


Peony and Leaves by Rachel Yee Laam Lai (Hong Kong)

Category: Still Life

The artist has designed a resin work, representing an abstract flower garden. The artist is inspired by her unique sense of colour and the persistence of her own aesthetic to create her works.


Open Air Toilet: When will it end? by Carole Pariat (France)

Category: Street Photography

Urinating and defecating outdoors is a huge public health issue in India. Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, even campaigned with the slogan ‘toilets before temples’, and allocated more than $40 billion to build public toilets and create an awareness campaign.

nicolas boyer

Woman wearing a Wedding Dress by Nicolas Boyer (France)

Category: Travel

A young woman wearing a shiromuku dress, ahead of her traditional Shinto wedding in Tokyo, Japan. This style of wedding became popular in Japan during the early 20th century, but is now on the decline with more westernised ‘White Weddings’ becoming the preferred option since the late 1990s.

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