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Government proposals to change conservation legislation could see vulnerable mammals go unprotected
New research confirms that sharks navigate using the Earth's magnetic field, undergoing long-distance migrations with high precision
The field of bioremediation involves cleaning up toxic waste products with natural materials. The possibilities are endless... 
One company’s plan to drill for oil in the Okavango Delta is raising the ire of environmentalists. As we find out, the promises of community uplift through oil extraction is not always a pathway to prosperity
A new analysis tots up the cost of invasive species worldwide
It’s surprisingly difficult to know why trees die, but understanding this natural process is critical for climate research 
By the late 1980s, almost all mature specimens of the once-iconic elm tree had died in the UK as a result of Dutch elm disease. Mark Rowe investigates attempts to reintroduce elms to Britain 
Scientists are discovering that narwhal tusks reveal a great deal about how sea-ice loss and contamination in the Arctic is changing polar ecosystems
Climate change is bringing earlier, dangerous 'false springs', longer summers and shorter winters
A victory for conservation, South Africa has announced plans to reconsider its captive breeding and canned hunting practices of lions
The UK has made little progress decarbonising heating, but a significant source lies freely available under the feet of a quarter of the population
The concept of 'natural capital', where the value of nature is quantified, is gaining increasing acceptance
Prestigious photography competition returns for a fourth year
Founded in the USA by Denis Hayes, Earth Day became a global initiative in 1990 when it extended its activities to 141 countries. Today it’s claimed to reach an estimated one billion people across more than 190 countries. Nic Davies…
Tom Goldner's project Do Brumbies Dream in Red? is an intimate portrayal of the effect of environmental catastophe. He sought to question our relationship with nature through the symbolism of the Australian brumby – a feral horse with a controversial reputation among…
Not your usual tune: translating spider's silk into sound could open up a whole world of web research
Millions of oysters have been rescued from the struggling shellfish trade for use in restorative aquaculture programmes 
Although the fight is far from over, rhino poaching is in decline. Tough enforcement is part of the solution, but the power of grassroots conservation mustn’t be overlooked

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