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Discovering Oman – Win a geography fieldwork week in Oman!

Discovering Oman – Win a geography fieldwork week in Oman! Discovering Oman
25 Jun
Calling Innovative and Inspirational Geography Teachers!

With soaring sand dunes, modern cities, spectacular mountains that reach up to 10,000 feet into the sky, warm hospitality, frankincense covered uplands, a coastline that stretches for more than 3,000km and a rich culture and heritage that goes back some 5,000 years – Oman is a geographical paradise.

In 2018, Oman opened its first purpose-built centre for outdoor learning in the Sharqiya sands, the same desert that in the 1980s saw the Royal Geographical Society undertake the most intensive research study of any arid environment.

Discovering Oman

The Discovering Oman project aims to create a series of innovative, curriculum-linked, online resources for use by teachers in the UK and Oman.

Building on the success of the KS2/KS3/S1-2 phase that took place in the winter of 2017/18, phase two of The Discovering Oman project aims to produce a series of Oman focused, online, curriculum linked educational resources targeting GCSE/KS4/National 4-5, created by teachers, for teachers, for use in schools in the UK and Oman.

We are looking for creative and innovative geography teachers who will work with the Discovering Oman team to fulfil the following aims:

  • To inspire young geographers and promote the relevance and excitement of geography, outdoor learning and field research

  • To raise awareness and promote a long – term understanding of Oman among young people in the UK through the creation of a series of online lesson plans that are connected to the UK curriculum

Successful geography teachers will win the opportunity to travel to Oman on an all-expenses paid visit in early 2019, and take part in fieldwork with geography teachers from The British School Muscat at Oman’s new Desert Outdoor Learning Centre, and in other localities, with the aim of gathering data to create a series of innovative, curriculum linked online lesson plans.

Oman Outdoor Learning Centre

Competition Brief

Please use the downloadable lesson plan template, and one of the suggested units of study, to produce the outline of a creative and engaging lesson plan. The plan must include suitable stimulus resources, power-point and guidelines that are clearly linked to a named examination board syllabus (Descriptor and Unit Number), and demonstrate extension opportunities for more able students.

This brief is deliberately open-ended to provide you with the maximum flexibility to showcase how you might work with the project team in a creative, original and dynamic way to engage as many young people as possible with the Discovering Oman project.

Deadline for all entries is 5 October, 2018. All winners will be contacted within four weeks of this date.

Click here to download the lesson template, entry form and guidelines!

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