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February 2021 Geographical crossword

Can you complete this month’s Geographical crossword puzzle?

The first correctly completed crossword selected at random wins a copy of Philip’s Essential World Atlas – a comprehensive hardback atlas worth £25

Send your entry to Geographical, 3.16 Q West, 1100 Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 0GP, marked ‘February Crossword’. For more information visit www.octopusbooks.co.uk.

Entries close on 21 February.


CLICK HERE for a printable version of this month’s crossword


1       Presume to alter highest US court (7)

5       Tango – a successful recording I make here in the South Pacific (6)

9      Dover, for example, has one company making covered entrance (7)

10    ‘Ancient City’, Bob Dylan composition lacking depth (7)

11 and 12   Hate huge development in Netherlands city (3,5)

13     Tony’s company transformed by successful businessmen (7)

14    Starts spending every August in the Mediterranean, for example (3)

15     Rodent with chopped Brie included in traditional Welsh dish! (7)

17     Spike is back among the Italians (4)

21 and 31 across   New bird unit could become source of green electricity (4,7)

24    Looks closely at mineral-bearing rock – not a pretty sight! (7)

27     Mike is after the Spanish tree (3)

28    Unusually, I relate to artist’s studio (7)

29    Back-to-front tours of English river, and… (5)

30    …for what reason does it sound like another English river? (3)

31     See 21 across

32     Style of popular music that is seen initially in these mountains (7)

33     Informal talk about the French Alpine house (6)

34    Ancient inscribed stone rotates ingeniously (7)


1        Perhaps I reshape precious stone (8)

2       Porridge mixture in SW France (8)

3        From Essex I leave in banishment (5)

4       Self-absorbed type is to get spoiled (7)

5        In fact, I bet a native of Lhasa? (7)

6       Hello! I follow old German composer to barbecue (7)

7        Ian leaves reformed battalion, the old dog! (6)

8        Some gangsters cause great dread (5)

16     At home north of Jamaica, possibly? (3)

18     Regularly annoy none in particular (3)

19     Broken icon lost by one establishing a settlement abroad (8)

20     US state where banks are corrupt? (8)

22    I begin Latin translation with ‘I’ – first letter (7)

23     The German travelled to English river (7)

24     Peter the Great, for example, changed proper name (not ‘Pan’) (7)

25    Beer ingredient a Mediterranean island produced (5)

26    Examine thoroughly for ruined arches (6)

29     Plunders for old wines (5)

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