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October 2020 Geographical crossword

Can you complete this month’s Geographical crossword puzzle?

The first correctly completed crossword selected at random wins a copy of Philip’s Essential World Atlas – a comprehensive hardback atlas worth £25

Send your entry to Geographical, 3.16 Q West, 1100 Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 0GP, marked ‘October Crossword’. For more information visit www.octopusbooks.co.uk.

Entries close on 21 October.


CLICK HERE for a printable version of this month’s crossword

Upset a girl a lot with reptile (9)
10 French friend to go with Spanish friend… (5)
11 … and go after bloke with tropical fruit (5)
12 Capital city to dine out – hotel grub is back! (9)
13 See 23 down
14 Canaries, for example, I left in beaches (7)
17 Italian composer is a bit of a clever Dick! (5)
19 Lettuce, as part of ecosystem (3)
20 Unusable material – used to be 50% of teak (5)
21 Mad reason surrounds Trump primarily – US politician! (7)
22 We head on to tango clubs, perhaps, in diving gear! (7)
24 Following Western Australia, we prove new source of tidal energy (4,5)
26 One is disturbed by loud sound (5) 28 Early South American – one in La Paz, technically (5)
29 Nile’s safe, unusually, due to its abundant foliage? (9)

1 Work the land, initially for anyone requiring maize (4)
2 Earth, for example, could be pleasant without half of Asia! (6)
3 He studies soil management, converting smog to rain! (10)
4 Maybe hasten to capital city (6)
5 Grasslands in dreadful disrepair, lacking drainage initially (8)
6 Morning in pound with young animal (4)
7 Half-mile financial allowances for those moving between countries (8)
8 Water rising in Scottish colliery (4)
13 Up in the Leeward Islands I’ve noticed one of them (5)
15 Sport left Anne’s twin confused (4,6)
16 Perspiration agitates 20 (5)
18 Restore Nevada resort with tax on drug (8)
19 County puts everyone under restored Crown (8)
22 Conflict observed in EU capital (6)
23 and 13 across Peace-keeping organisation and US intent on aid distribution (6,7)
24 Erosion from river in North East? (4)
25 Ancient Scot is selected, reportedly (4)
27 Direction to take food, consuming less ultimately (4) 

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