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August 2020 Geographical crossword

Can you complete this month’s Geographical crossword puzzle?

The first correctly completed crossword selected at random wins a copy of Philip’s Essential World Atlas – a comprehensive hardback atlas worth £25

Send your entry to Geographical, 3.16 Q West, 1100 Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 0GP, marked ‘April Crossword’. For more information visit www.octopusbooks.co.uk.

Entries close on 21 August.


CLICK HERE for a printable version of this month’s crossword


1       Broken-down car intact on the ocean (9)

6     City in Kansas to avoid (5)

9      It turns up in quiz: ‘A palace in Bolivia’ (2,3)

10   To take it easy with rebel leader isn’t commonly something that keeps you under control (9)

11 and 12   Maybe clues ‘An A-Z’ as ‘International waterway’ (4,5)

13   Beginning his education, learning mainly the ship’s wheel (4)

16   Australian sheep farm where trains stop? (7)

17    Perhaps talk sense without a Labour leader inIsraeli Parliament (7)

19   Japanese currency invested in source of sugar in French Guiana (7)

21   New girl band left out mountain robber (7)

22  Military vehicle, yellowish-brown on top of khaki (4)

24   Danes designed car (5)

25   Pal starts climbing higher up mountain (4)

29   Near Dutch wreck, but there’s no maps for such waters! (9)

30  Endless litany translated into ancient language (5)

31    Land’s edge has certain sound (5)

32   Reign ends badly, but this flag still flown? (3,6)


1      A last amendment to map book (5)

2      Party ripe for development in Irish town (9)

3     Burn to the ground, or lift up, reportedly (4)

4     Stretch of land is submerged in winter rainfall (7)

5      Companies dismiss old Russian horseman (7)

6      500 on old ship, no lights (4)

7      Be at the wheel in the Red River (5)

8      Guessed rough date and times (9)

14    Huge figure in golf ain’t shifting! (5)

15    Scottish peak in modern Dahomey (5)

16    Pruning shears are strange USA secret (9)

18    This page is revised to include tortellini initially, and another Italian favourite (9)

20   One entitled to vote for old German prince (7)

21    Poor Dad associated with beer and with a hairy face! (7)

23   Small piece of tortilla immersed in spinach oil (5)

26 and 27   Arrange a meeting north of Ypres memorial (5,4)

28  Oddly, galleon couldn’t sail along one in Scotland! (4)


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