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July 2020 Geographical crossword

Can you complete this month’s Geographical crossword puzzle?

The first correctly completed crossword selected at random wins a copy of Philip’s Essential World Atlas – a comprehensive hardback atlas worth £25

Send your entry to Geographical, 3.16 Q West, 1100 Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 0GP, marked ‘April Crossword’. For more information visit www.octopusbooks.co.uk.

Entries close on 21 July.



CLICK HERE for a printable version of this month’s crossword


9     Dutch city made trams shift (9)

10   Favourite artist creates ‘Rose Red City’ (5)

11    Neither Dennis nor Kelvin uses breathing apparatus (7)

12   Opt out of new light opera, ‘The Elizabethan Explorer’ (7)

13   Communist country losing a bit of face? (4)

14   Change is in France for money men (10)

17    November, and a feast organised in New Mexico (5,2)

18   Group of desert travellers with vehicle, a commercial vehicle (7)

20  Re-erect altar in USA from Commonwealth country (10)

23   Ran away – head of forces went first! (4)

25   Take last of flour and make mixture in small dish (7)

26   Unusually, cardinal, lacking nous initially, is one advocating thorough reform (7)

28   I get involved in swindles, but only for pennies? (5)

29  Borneo finally arranging a UN grant for itsfamous ape (5-4)


1      International conflicts start with armies rattling swords (4)

2      Ian Stone, surprisingly, is from Tallinn? (8)

3      Takes furtive looks, it’s said, at 21 downs (5)

4      New deal with political assistant in 20 city (8)

5      Centre missing from ruined masonry in ancient Greek city (6)

6     Clap 10, perhaps, but upset it to cause confusion (5,4)

7      Industrial action a hit? (6)

8     In London, a shining Regency architect (4)

13 and 25 down   Company takes leading actor and I  to California and Central American republic (5,4)

15    University teachers rise up to embrace end of heresy in church assembly (5)

16   Mark hears about Moroccan city (9)

18   ‘Mr China’, a different way of describing Mao? (8)

19    Maybe love 22 financial centre for its speed? (8)

21   High-level meeting – on a mountain top? (6)

22   Some call on donors for capital (6)

24   Regularly paid Maggie to get a proverb (5)

25   See 13 down

27   Wild cat on the golf course, we hear? (4)

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