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Martin Hewitt is the founder of the Adaptive Grand Slam Foundation which supports injured and disabled military veterans to complete extreme challenges. A film about his summit of Everest will premiere at the Royal Geographical Society (details to come)
Geographical’s new geopolitics columnist, the author Tim Marshall, begins his regular monthly column by shining a light on an under-reported region and the conflicts that blight a troubled land
Benjamin Hennig and Tina Gotthardt map the coronavirus
Marco Magrini analyses the implications of the COP26 delay
As we come to terms with our hermetically-sealed situation during the coronavirus outbreak, why not make the most of time inside with some free online learning?
While we may be run from a small office in London (or, as things currently stand, from some kitchens and lofts in London), here at Geographical we’re lucky enough to have contributors who hail from all around the world. We called on some of our writers and photographers to find out how Covid-19 measures are affecting them...
Angus Parker questions how NATO can remain relevant in the 21st century
Covid-19 has forced us to reduce destructive atmospheric behaviours and has reminded us that we are at the mercy of nature. Matt Maynard looks into the effect that viral-mitigation is having on global emissions, and asks whether current material and emotional responses to coronavirus could help limit the climate pandemic in the future
Ian Boyd, once a member of the Science Advisory Group for Emergencies – a sub-committee of COBRA  – explains how the group advises the British Government in times of crisis
Recruiting armies of albatrosses could enable the detection of illegal fishing
At Geographical, we want to amplify the voices of the next generation of great geographers. That’s why we’re launching ‘Young Geographers’ : a new programme that celebrates exploration, innovative fieldwork and inspiring projects
The UAE has become the first Arab nation to operate a nuclear power plant, but not all concerns have been satisfied 
What better time to get reading? We’ve collected some of our favourite books from over the years, a collection of certifiable classics and a few lesser-known delights. Dive right on in...
We may be stuck inside, but there’s no need to close our eyes to the world beyond our walls. We’ve collated some of our favourite documentaries available on Netflix and BBC iPlayer to tantalise the geographically minded...
The controversial practice of cloud-seeding has always been difficult to measure – a new method offers hope

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