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Geography teacher training scholarships

Geography teacher training scholarships RGS-IBG
22 Dec
The popularity of geography at both GCSE and A Level has grown significantly. 2016 saw GCSE entries rise for the sixth consecutive year, while the number of candidates sitting A Level geography increased by 16.5 per cent between 2011 and 2016

Dr Rita Gardner, Director of the RGS-IBG, attributes the success to ‘growing recognition from both students and employers of the broad skillset geography provides and the subject’s engagement with some of the most pressing issues in the world today’. She also points to the hard work of teachers, and geography being both a facilitating subject at A Level and part of the family of English Baccalaureate GCSEs.

Recognising that the increased numbers creates a greater need to recruit the next generation of geography teachers, the Society is delighted to be working with the Department for Education to establish a new Geography Teacher Training Scholarship programme for geographers starting their teacher training in the autumn of 2017. The Society hopes to encourage outstanding candidates into teaching. The scholarships will provide trainees with significant support. This includes £27,500 tax-free funding, Fellowship of the Society, and a number of additional activities and benefits to complement their teacher training course, including networking, events, and access to materials and resources.


It was my geography teacher who inspired me to study this subject and I want the next generation of new teachers to have a similar positive impact on their pupils. So if you are a passionate geographer who can meet our selection criteria and wants to become a teacher, I’d encourage you to apply for a Geography Teacher Training Scholarship 
– Nicholas Crane, President, RGS-IBG


To be eligible for a scholarship, you need:

• A commitment to the educational value that studying geography brings to young people and to demonstrate your interest in this alongside any relevant experience.

• An excellent proven, or predicted, academic record in geography, holding either a first or 2:1 Hons degree (2:2 with significant experience), or a Master’s or PhD.

• To secure a place on either an eligible non-salaried school or university-led geography initial teacher training course in England for the 2017/18 academic year.

• To meet the bursary eligibility criteria – visit the government’s Get Into Teaching website for more details.


How to apply:

If you meet our eligibility criteria, you can apply online via rgs.org/scholarships. If shortlisted, you will be invited to one of the Society’s monthly assessment days at our headquarters in London.

Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) membership is open to all; the Society also offers Fellowship. You may use geography in your profession, be a geography graduate, have a thirst for geographical knowledge or a passion for travel. Geographical is the Society’s magazine and comes as part of membership. To find out more email [email protected]

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