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Society gift membership RGS-IBG
25 Nov
Do you know someone interested in discovering more about the world’s peoples, places and environments?

Membership of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) could be the perfect present. The Society is the UK’s learned society and professional body for geography. Established in 1830, the Society promotes and advances geographical science.

Today, the Society runs one of the UK’s most popular lecture programmes alongside a full regional programme of lectures, debates and field trips; publishes a number of leading scholarly publications (including Geographical); supports geography, including fieldwork and expeditions, at school, university and in the workplace; and works as an effective advocate for the discipline. It is also home to the world’s largest private geographical collections of maps, photographs and artefacts, spanning more than 500 years and accessible to all.

Forming the heart of a vibrant community of people interested in geography, travel and exploration, the Society enjoys the support of c. 16,000 Fellows and members in some 100 countries. Membership offers the opportunity to benefit from the huge number of resources, events and activities provided by the Society and to meet people who share the same passion as you. It also directly supports the Society’s activities as a charity.


Ordinary Membership – £132 for one year

• Receive a monthly copy of Geographical magazine, either in hard copy or digitally

• Receive our seasonal Bulletin and a monthly e-update containing Society news and events

• Attend a wide range of talks, exhibitions and events taking place across the UK, meeting local Fellows, members and geography enthusiasts

• Get expert advice on informed travel with our workshops, events and courses

• Discounts at Cotswold Outdoor and Stanfords stores and online


Young Geographer membership – £41 for one year

An excellent way to support those aged 14 – 24 in their passion for geography

• Access to the Society’s educational resources containing in-depth case studies on news stories and key issues – a great revision tool for GCSE and A Level

• Digital subscription to Geographical magazine

• Connect with fellow geographers through the Young Geographer Facebook group

• A monthly e-update containing Society news and events

• Free online access to all our academic journals – Transactions, Area, and The Geographical Journal

• Attend talks, exhibitions and events across the UK, meeting Fellows, members and geography enthusiasts

• For gap years, access advice, expertise and training to prepare you for travel off the beaten track

• Discounts at Cotswold Outdoor and Stanfords stores and online


Membership lasts 12 months and a special gift pack can be sent either to the recipient or to you. All orders received by 14 December are guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas. To find out more email [email protected].

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