October 2017

October 2017 Channel 4
02 Oct
A selection of RGS-IBG events including lectures and exhibitions around the UK for October 2017

3 October, 6.30pm

Going underground! The re-mapping of Gaping Gill

(Lecture, Sheffield)

Join Kevin Dixon as he talks of his four-year expedition to re-map the Gaping Gill cave system beneath the Yorkshire Dales, detailing the technology, his discoveries and the results.

Venue: Peak Lecture Theatre, Sheffield Hallam University. £3 on entry; RGS-IBG and GA members, university staff and students free. Book in advance. www.rgs.org/yorkshirenortheast

19 October, 7.30pm

Mutiny by Conrad Humphreys

(Lecture with reception, Belfast)

Humphreys was the skipper of the boat used to recreate Captain Bligh’s perilous 1789 voyage across the Pacific, for the Channel 4 mini-series, Mutiny.

Venue: School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen’s University Belfast. Free. Book in advance. www.rgs.org/northernireland


20 October, 7pm

British wine tasting

(Wine tasting, London)

Join the Younger Members’ Committee as they find out how and why vineyards in Britain are at record numbers. Taste a variety of wines from top producers and newcomers alike. All over-18s welcome.

Venue: RGS-IBG. £25, RGS-IBG members £20. Book in advance. www.rgs.org/whatson

24 October, 5pm

Searching for the source of the Nile

(Lecture with Collections display, Bournemouth) 

Learn about British expeditions for the source of the Nile in Victorian times and see an exhibit of their scientific instruments, letters and sketchbooks from the Society’s Collections.

Venue: Kimmeridge House Room KG01, Talbot Campus, Bournemouth University. £5 on entry; RGS-IBG members, BU staff and students free (please show card). www.rgs.org/south

26 October, 7.30pm

Exploring the ocean floor

(Lecture, Bath)

Oceans can be as exciting as space. Dr Philippe Blondel’s talk will illustrate 21st century ocean floor exploration and the new instruments being designed for the task with applications from around the world. A joint event with Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution.

Venue: Elwin Room, BRLSI, Bath. £4 on entry; RGS-IBG members and students £2. www.rgs.org/westandsouthwales

30 October, 2.30pm-4pm

In search of fresh air

(Collections event, London)

Dr Oliver Gibson’s talk explores the role of fresh air and green open space in the work of Barnardo’s children’s charity, particularly the practice of out-of-town excursions for impoverished London children.

Venue: RGS-IBG. £5; RGS-IBG members and students free. Book in advance. www.rgs.org/whatson

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