October 2016

October 2016 RGS-IBG
30 Sep
A selection of RGS-IBG events including lectures and exhibitions around the UK for October 2016

2 October, 11am–3pm

Port Sunlight

(Discovering Britain walk, Port Sunlight)

In the late 19th century William Lever employed leading architects and craftsmen to create Port Sunlight, a beautiful new village, for the employees of his successful soap company. This guided walk explores how the village developed and its legacy today.

£5 suggested donation. For details visit www.rgs.org/cheshireandnorthwales


middletonNick Middleton

2, 3, 27 and 30 October

An atlas of countries that don’t exist

(Lectures, Various)

Acclaimed travel writer and Oxford geography don Nick Middleton takes us on an eye-opening tour of a hidden world from the pages of his latest book.

2 Oct – Theatre by the Lake, Keswick;

3 Oct – Darlington Civic at Central Hall;

27 Oct – Turner Sims, Southampton;

30 Oct – Exeter Phoenix. For details, please visit www.rgs.org/rtp


4 October, 5pm

Making geographical connections

(Lecture, Newcastle)

By its very nature geography is a ‘connected subject’. In this lecture, Steve Rawlinson will celebrate and explore the links that give geography its dynamism and relevance to the lives of our students. It will also examine some of the challenges that we need to address for geography to expand its influence in the 21st century. Joint event with Tyne and Wear GA.

£1, advance booking required. Visit www.rgs.org/westandsouthwales


6 October, 6.30pm

Overland to America

(Lecture and film screening, Bristol)

Award winning TV producers Richard Creasey and Richard Blanchard recount the 1993-94 Ford London to New York overland challenge via the Siberian deep freeze and across the Bering Strait to a triumphant arrival at the United Nations headquarters in New York. This was a first in UK Russian TV collaboration. Joint event with Explorers Connect.

Free, advance booking required. www.rgs.org/westandsouthwales


11 October, 7pm

The Vikings: the lords of battle and the longships

(Lecture and optional supper, Tavistock)

What did they do and where did they go? This revealing talk will look at locations visited by Vikings, including settlements in the UK, Iceland, Greenland and those recently found in North America. Ivar Hellberg will provide insights into the behaviour of Vikings, their tactics, ship-building, navigation, survival and logistical skills.

£5 suggested donation. For details please visit www.rgs.org/southwest


22 October 11am–12.15pm

A city of two halves

(Guided Discovering Britain trail, Lincoln)

Set amidst the plains of Lincolnshire atop an unexpected hill, the city of Lincoln is split into two halves—with ancient and modern side by side. Martin Haslett will lead this trail through the magnificent heritage hub of the city, discovering how the economy, society and tourism of this remote city have been influenced by its hills and history.

Free. For further details please visit www.rgs.org/eastanglia

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