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An array of Aboriginal tools and artworks offer a glimpse into the traditional lives of indigenous Australian communities
A few years ago, Dervla Murphy spent extended periods in Israel and the West Bank. She sensed from the outset that she was in for a turbulent odyssey
Almost everyone would agree that Africa is a continent in flux. Tradition (a mutable term) collides with something glibly referred to as modernity at every turn
The rapid consumption of clothing, and the equally rapid disposal of unwanted garments, drives an international trade in second-hand clothes which reinforces the relationship of dependency between the global north and south
Nearly 600 cities have been built in China in fewer than 70 years: more concrete poured there since 2010 than the US used in the whole of the 20th century, and more than 11,000 kilometres of high-speed railway line laid,…
Historian and curator Julian Spalding believes art has always been an attempt to understand the world and his latest book interprets our ancestors’ views of their surroundings
If you’ve ever taken a swim in a lake you will no doubt have felt some thermal stratification: the difference between the frigid depths and that topmost layer of sun-heated water can be painfully obvious
Nature’s vagabonds, ruffians and carpetbaggers are on the march, sometimes migrating as a result of climate change but often just thumbing a lift

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