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We all know about the trials and travails of Catalonia, Taiwan, Somaliland, and numerous other infamous ‘non-states’ (at least from the UN’s perspective)
A large dress is projecting climate change data at St Pancras Station, ahead of COP21, the major climate conference in Paris
Following on from highly acclaimed documentary The Cove, Louie Psihoyos had an ambitious goal: to make a film about the Earth’s human-induced ‘sixth extinction’
A look back at six years of Carmignac photojournalism laureate winners, with stories from Iran to French Guiana, Zimbabwe to the Gaza Strip

France’s lawless lands

Far from the Château de Versailles, indigenous people in remote French Guiana are French citizens inadvertently living outside the law
For some, Noam Chomsky is a counter-cultural hero who bravely exposes hypocrisy, the abuses of power, and overlooked tragedies. For others, he is a mischievous demagogue who ought to wake up to the world’s geopolitical realities
If there’s a single thread running through this compendium of artists’ experiences of London life, it’s encapsulated by Moroccan-born gallery owner Hassan Hajjaj: ‘I feel I’m not British but I’m a Londoner’
For 45 days, Nick Hancock lived on a rough tooth of granite so remote that it sits in a different time zone to the rest of the UK

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