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Fly-on-the-wall style film-making vividly displays the daily life of Sherpas, and how a tragedy on Everest led to a dramatic series of events
The Natural History Museum creates a virtual reality dive into the Great Barrier Reef
The awful news reached Harry Pennell on 18 January, 1913: Captain Scott and his party had successfully reached the South Pole a year earlier, only to perish on the ice shelf during their homeward journey
Maps guide and delight, but seldom shock. This memorable publication is built around the 110 hand-coloured Ordnance Survey maps that were used to record the aerial destruction inflicted on London during the Second World War
‘In 1989,’ Richard Cockett reminds us, ‘[Burma’s] ruling military junta officially changed many of the country’s place names...confusion has reigned ever since’
According to local legend the distance from the island of Sri Lanka to paradise is just 40 miles, and despite many brutal conflicts, John Gimlette feels comfortable describing the small island as ‘Paradise Damaged’
Famous for being flat and having a significant proportion of land below sea level, many Dutch lifestyle choices seemingly evolved as a consequence of the country’s relationship with its peculiar natural landscape
Penguin fatigue. Undeniably breathtaking as Alex Bernasconi’s photography is, there are times when a spot of judicious editing wouldn’t have gone amiss

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