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For 45 days, Nick Hancock lived on a rough tooth of granite so remote that it sits in a different time zone to the rest of the UK
Dogs aren't just for Christmas, as the RSPCA used to say. It can be a way of life. Take the Chukchi dog, whose compact size, alongside its ability to see at night, rendered it energy-efficient and allowed for superior mobility
Imagine selecting a tree, cutting it down, dividing it up, and recruiting artisans from around the country to craft the resulting timber into bespoke tools and objects to keep for the rest of your life
In the Altai Mountains of western Mongolia, small groups of ethnic Kazakh nomadic herders exist in a world far removed from the modern one we know today
Is Donald Murray’s book yet another example of a publisher trying to turn the story of a random foodstuff into a quirky bestseller? The answer is no. This is a splendid book, filled with passion, wit, and wonderful facts
The British Library presents West Africa as you should have seen it before
This year’s top prize goes to ‘A tale of two foxes’ – a savage and haunting image of the fight to survive in harsh Arctic conditions
After travelling the world and crossing every continent, where does the world’s most high profile travel writer head next to find a taste of the remarkable? His own country, it turns out

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