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From 1850 to 1854, ambitious Commander Robert McClure captained HMS Investigator on a voyage in search of the missing Franklin Expedition, which had left England in 1845 to plot the final pieces of the fabled Northwest Passage
A few decades before the Battle of Hastings, a scribe in Canterbury began compiling a new world map
This hugely enjoyable book brings together 14 lectures delivered to the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) by celebrated explorers
It’s possible that birdwatchers are even more peculiar creatures than the various species they seek
Exploring landscapes is ‘inexpensive, good exercise for body and mind, and leads to satisfying and often surprising discoveries’
Can man become beast? Or at least have a momentary glimpse into what the world looks, feels and smells like from the perspective of a badger, an otter, a fox, a red deer or a swift?
What exactly are we talking about when we say ‘the Middle East’? This, and many other fundamental questions, are answered by Dan Smith in this latest edition of The State of the Middle East Atlas
Firstly, let’s establish that Skylines is well-researched, highly interesting, and includes fantastic illustrations. Sadly, however, the authors have missed a trick

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