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Showing at the Banff Mountain Film Festival’s UK Tour, ‘Operation Moffat’ tells the unique story of the first British female climbing guide
With awards season over, it could be time to settle down with some non-fiction features. Here are seven of the best documentaries streaming on Netflix right now
Jack Shenker makes no secret of how much he disliked Mubarak’s regime. Economic policies led to the ‘fire sale of Egypt’s assets’ and the ‘deep immiseration of the majority of Egypt’s citizens.’
The road to Everest begins in childhood. Scott’s memoir opens with a detailed account of his early years; a post-war infancy in Nottingham which took in victory at a bonny baby competition, a brief career in the Cubs, tricycles, Sherbert…
Reading Park’s story of documenting a family of wild Siberian tigers is to be drawn deep into the hinterland of southeast Russia
Some people live such extraordinary lives; they seemingly can’t fail to write remarkable memoirs. Elizabeth Marshall Thomas is one such person
The 18th-century balloon craze provoked ‘soaring curiosity’ in many while leaving others rather deflated
‘Westerners have watches but we have time,’ as a Tuareg saying has it. The publishers of this handsome volume have adopted a similar freewheeling attitude to metrics: the caption to a photograph of a tree helpfully reveals that it is…

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