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‘These are nothing like the swashbucklers from Pirates of the Caribbean.’ That’s what people used to say about Somali pirates. We were to understand that piracy had slowly built up an undeserved romantic reputation
Europe in the late 19th and early 20th century was a melting pot of territorial conflicts waiting to explode, and few regions were more divisive than the area of Alsace-Lorraine, sandwiched between Germany and France
One of the points of his journey, writes Malachy Tallack, was the certainty of its destination: by following the 60th parallel he would inevitably end where he started, home in Shetland
Straight outta Teesdale, Addicted to Sheep is a farming documentary like you’ve never seen before
The estates of Darjeeling produce less than one per cent of India’s tea and opinion is divided over the resulting beverage
Historic England, formerly known as English Heritage, possesses an archive of eight million photographs. This treasure trove of images helps us to trace the development of the nation’s landscape and culture during the period since the invention of the camera
David Whitehouse discovers a world that is surprising and enigmatic, ‘astounding and significant’ and maintains that this is not just a story of rocks, minerals and ferocious temperatures, but also ‘about people, conflicts and tragedies, discoveries and despair’
Anyone familiar with the story of the ‘Arctic 30’ – thirty Greenpeace activists detained in Russia on piracy charges – will hardly be surprised by how this story unfolds

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