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The road to Everest begins in childhood. Scott’s memoir opens with a detailed account of his early years; a post-war infancy in Nottingham which took in victory at a bonny baby competition, a brief career in the Cubs, tricycles, Sherbert…
Reading Park’s story of documenting a family of wild Siberian tigers is to be drawn deep into the hinterland of southeast Russia
Some people live such extraordinary lives; they seemingly can’t fail to write remarkable memoirs. Elizabeth Marshall Thomas is one such person
The 18th-century balloon craze provoked ‘soaring curiosity’ in many while leaving others rather deflated
‘Westerners have watches but we have time,’ as a Tuareg saying has it. The publishers of this handsome volume have adopted a similar freewheeling attitude to metrics: the caption to a photograph of a tree helpfully reveals that it is…
From 1850 to 1854, ambitious Commander Robert McClure captained HMS Investigator on a voyage in search of the missing Franklin Expedition, which had left England in 1845 to plot the final pieces of the fabled Northwest Passage
A few decades before the Battle of Hastings, a scribe in Canterbury began compiling a new world map
This hugely enjoyable book brings together 14 lectures delivered to the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) by celebrated explorers

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