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Who is the real Aung San Suu Kyi? Despite the fact it’s hard to mention Myanmar without including her name in the same breath, it’s a far more complex question than we might otherwise think.
Renowned plasma physicist, Melanie Windridge, runs rings around the northern hemisphere in her new book. From Sweden to Svalbard, northernmost Canada to Scotland, she chases the illusive but immortal northern lights in search of the perfect aurora.
The perilous coastal waters of Australia claimed many victims during the 17th and 18th centuries. 
These are unsettling times. We have fooled ourselves, Woodwell tells us, ‘into managing our affairs as though the world were infinitely resilient’
‘The practice of perpetual mobility as political expression essential to cultural identity and livelihood’ – an attempted definition of nomadism by Nick McDonell, a subject he feels is woefully misunderstood.
In 1821, Swiss painter Gabriel Charton produced what has become the rarest of early guide books to the Alpine region. 
Wide-eyed wonder is a thing of the past; the age of Google has removed excitement from the acquisition of knowledge, and information has thus become devalued – this is Cock-Starkey’s thesis and her book unashamedly sets out to recreate a…

Britain from the air

The outdoor exhibition of some of Britain’s best aerial photography comes to London for the first time

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