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It was almost inevitable for Ranulph Fiennes to write about confronting some of the hottest climates on Earth
This mountain was always going to be an irresistible lure and Conefrey admirably captures the fascination it has for the mountaineering community
We can all agree that safeguarding the future of lions is a splendid idea. There is likely to be less concord when it comes to how this vital goal might be achieved
When the publishers of a new monograph of photographs by Japanese photographer Shōji Ueda (1913–2000) visited his archive in Japan, they found boxes upon boxes of negatives, transparencies and vintage prints stacked from floor to ceiling
A new exhibition at the RGS–IBG takes you inside the incredible Ernest Shackleton story of endurance against all the odds, which took place exactly 100 years ago
Fly-on-the-wall style film-making vividly displays the daily life of Sherpas, and how a tragedy on Everest led to a dramatic series of events
The Natural History Museum creates a virtual reality dive into the Great Barrier Reef
The awful news reached Harry Pennell on 18 January, 1913: Captain Scott and his party had successfully reached the South Pole a year earlier, only to perish on the ice shelf during their homeward journey

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